The only system enabling surgeons to perform multiple clampless aortic anastomoses with minimal bleeding


Clamping the aorta during CABG, may lead to release of atherosclerotic debris resulting in severe clinical complications, prolonged hospitalization and reduced survival rates.

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VIOLA is designed to maintain hemostasis & facilitate the completion of multiple aortic anastomoses, without the application of an aortic clamp

Sealing Element

The adaptable sealing element conforms to the aortic wall, resulting in optimal sealing.

Punching System

With it’s Integrated, over the wire aortic punch, VIOLA is the first system to allow seal of the anastomosis site prior to punching, thereby minimizing bleeding.

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Single system per procedure

Can be used for multiple anastomoses in a single surgery

Low profile design

Allowing construction of the anastomoses in deep chest cavities and in limited access locations

Single operator

Can be operated without assistance while fixated to the patient bed

Ready to go!

The system is provided ready for use and requires no set up or preparations